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A vehicle is a mobile machine that transports people and goods from one place to another. Transportation vehicles include many different means of transportation that help ease our daily lives by transporting or our goods from one place to another.

The various transportation vehicles at Aryan Movers and packers include:

Cars: “Different Transportation Vehicles and Their Purposes” It is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation on daily basis by most of us to transport ourselves from one place to another. Be it work or studies, or even evening parties etc. Cars were not available to the general masses until unless the 20th century arrived. Before that, animal drawn carriages were used for the common mode of everyday transportation. The first car that was readily accessible to public was Model T in 1908 manufactured by Ford Motor Company. Cars provide us the ability to drive from one place to another without exerting ourselves much.There are also many different lights installed in the cars that make them able to communicate with other cars on the road to avoid bumps and accidents. However, these cars are fueled by combustion of fossil fuels which causes air pollution and is responsible for global warming and climate change. Cars being a luxury also cost us for example, the cost of buying the vehicle, repairs and maintenance, fuel, taxes, insurance or parking fees. But still the benefits, that include easy mobility, convenience, and transportation, trump the costs.

Pickups: “Different Transportation Vehicles and Their Purposes”Pick-ups are like small trucks with two people seating in front. There is a wide space behind the front of two seats which is for carrying material for transportation purposes. Pickups have been widely used for shifting, import/exports and other transportation purposes for the longest time. Most of the pickups have enormous space and let you hook or rope your goods to keep them safe. Pick-ups can be used for both larger items, like refrigerator to smaller ones, like chairs. It is one of our most recommended all-purpose transportation vehicles.

Bus: “Different Transportation Vehicles and Their Purposes ” It is a road vehicle that is designed to carry as many passengers as possible, with a capacity that can rise as high as up to 300 people. It mostly belongs to a company or person that is in the business of earning money by transporting people from one place to another. A common type of bus includes single Decker bus. However there are also double Decker buses that carry double the number of passengers from that in single Decker and ride on larger roads. And then there are minibuses for smaller roads. For long distance travels, coach is used which has capacity to hold passengers and their luggage as well. To travel on public buses, you have to pay a bus fare which is bare minimum amount. However, school buses do not require you to pay a bus fare. Instead their charges are added in school fees. Buses have many uses, such as daily route transport, school buses, sometimes even used by offices for employee travels, and also tourism.

Trucks: “Different Transportation Vehicles and Their Purposes” Trucks are motor vehicles, usually used for cargo transportation. They come in different sizes but mostly are larger and wider than cars or buses. Some trucks are also configured to act as specialized tools such as fire trucks, concrete mixers, etc. These are mostly powered by diesel fuel, although some of them can also be charged through gasoline. Trucks are mostly used for the transportation of heavy weight cargo items like furniture in home shifting, or bricks, woods and other materials for construction sites, and also for inter-city transportation of fruits and vegetables.

At Aryan cargos packers and movers in Greater Noida, we have all kind of transport vehicles. We can help you shift to your new house super easily. Our transport vehicles have all necessary prerequisites required for transporting goods. We have vehicles of all sizes and types to shift your small and large items easily to your new house. You can easily book us via website or our contact number.

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